Frequently Asked Questions



1Are the facilities ADA accessible?
Camp Ida-Haven facilities are not ADA accessible. Please contact us if you have specific questions.
2Can the Ida-Haven kitchen accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions?
Our talented chefs serve a well-balanced vegetarian diet for all staff and campers. Please outline any dietary restrictions in the health forms on your camp account. We run a peanut-free campus during summer youth camps, and are able to accommodate other nut, gluten, and lactose sensitivities, but are limited in accommodating other types of allergies.

Due to allergies and food sensitivities of other campers, please DO NOT send food items with your camper! Thank you for understanding.

3Can I tent or RV camp at Ida-Haven?
The safety of our campers is our #1 priority. For this reason, we maintain a closed campus during the camp season.

Registration Process

1I'm new to camp, where do I start?

We're glad you're here! Your first step will be to create a camp account. See the next FAQ item, “What is a camp account & how do I create one?” & follow the step-by-step guide. Then, explore the rest of our website to find out more information!

2What is a camp account & how do I create one?

What is a camp account?

Your camp account is managed through a secure platform called UltraCamp. UltraCamp is a software-as-a-service platform which provides recreational camps like Camp Ida-Haven the ability to manage all of their reservations.

You will use your camp account to register for camp, complete and submit medical and consent forms, add any camp extras such as ordering the camp picture and video, manage camp store funds, and pay your balance.

I’m new, how do I create an account?

Creating a camp account is fairly simple. You will need to provide your name, phone number, address, & email. You will also need to provide a unique password to use for logging into your camp account in the future.

Follow the five simple steps below to create your account.

  1. From the Ida-Haven website, click on the My Account link in the top navigation which will take you to the UltraCamp website.
  1. Once inside the UltraCamp website, click on the New User button to register for a new account.
  1. Fill out the Create Account form with your information.
  1. Complete the rest of the Create Account form fields and click on the Next button.
  1. Congratulations! You now have a camp account. Remember to keep your information up-to-date, as we communicate important camp information using your phone number and email address as listed in your account.
3Does camp really fill that quickly?

Yes, camp really did fill that quickly at 7 am sharp and by 7:01 am there was a long wait list.

4What should I expect on registration day?

You will be best prepared if you are on the website early and ready to make a reservation at 7:00 am mountain time on your reservation morning in March.

We will be in the office each reservation day to help with any troubles that may arise. Your preferred camp session may fill quickly. When you log on and get a reservation spot, you will be assured of a camp reservation. You will then have 15 minutes to pick your activities (these will fill and disappear in real time), pick your cabin, and pay your deposit. You will not be booted out of the program or passed by other users. If you have any problems, please call us immediately as we can monitor your progress and help you get back on track.

Please be sure you are content with your reservation as completed during this time online. We cannot guarantee lodging or activity request changes after this time.

As you complete your reservation, you first provide biographical details and addresses, alternate contacts, etc. …and then you get to the exciting stuff: activities, cabin assignment and the extras (picture, video, t-shirt size, store money, etc.). These activities and cabin selections will fill and disappear in real-time so if something doesn’t show up that you were expecting, it’s because it is already full.

Your last step is to check out. This requires a minimum payment of $50 (the non-refundable reservation fee). Any store money that you deposit must also be paid for at this point.

5What is your policy on age exceptions?
The camp sessions are grouped by age because of differing physical and emotional levels. This grouping helps make the camp experience the best it can be. We have a three-month age grace, however. This means that campers who will be the specified age for the camp session within three months of attending, can register for that session.
6Should I have two people on two computers completing registration to increase my chances of getting into camp?

Do not have two people, on separate computers, attempting to register the same child. You may only register once. The computer system does not allow duplicate reservations and will automatically cancel your child's reservation. We cannot guarantee a spot for your child if this happens.

If you have two campers to register for the same week of camp, you should have two people, on two computers, logged in to your one account. Each one will work on registering a different child.

7How can I game the system?

Honesty is a big camp value, and we expect honesty during the registration process. Creative approaches to registering causes major headaches, and negatively impacts others trying to register for camp.

If you attempt to game the system, your reservation(s) may be forfeited.

8Can I register my child in a camp session for another age group so they can be with friends or siblings?
No. This does not work well. It can be emotionally stressful for children to be surrounded by other campers 2-3 years older or younger. Please register your child for the camp session for his/her age. The convenience of placing your child with his/her siblings or older/younger friends is not worth the problems it will likely cause for them or the camp program.
9I love camp so much, can I register for multiple sessions?
We are honored that camp means so much to so many people! With that being said, we want as many young people as possible to experience the magic of camp each summer. Campers may only attend one session per summer season. This means during registration, the system will only allow for one reservation to be made per camper, per summer.
10What happens after registration?

Between registration morning and check-in day at camp, you will need to go online and check your camp account to complete your medical and consent forms under the "Document Center".

We ask that you carefully review your contact information in your camp account before arriving at camp. Double-check pickup authorizations, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. If you've forgotten your username or password, we are happy to help you reset it. Please be aware that you will be responsible for any information communicated to the email or phone number listed on your account.

Periodically, you will receive email correspondence with important information regarding your camp reservation(s). Please review the information carefully before contacting the office with additional questions.

11Oh no! My camp session filled up before I was able to register! What do I do now?

We're so sorry to hear that! Due to the limited occupancy, camp often fills in a keystroke on registration morning. Don't fret: you may still be able to come. Make sure to do the following things:

1. Join the waiting list for your camp session. Do this as soon as possible through your camp account.

2. Check out the "Summer Camps" page for details on camp sessions. You may be eligible to attend another session, based on your age. Either join registration or the waiting list for that session, too.

3. Hang tight! We'll contact you directly as soon as possible if we are able to offer you a spot. Occasionally cancellations come as late as the week prior to camp, so don't give up hope!

12What number am I on the wait list?

While this is a natural question to ask, the answer is not that useful. There are many factors that shake up the wait list.

We have three months until camp, so that leaves more time to wait and see if a spot opens up. While this all feels uncertain and can easily be discouraging, hang in there.  We’ll do the best we can and we will let you know if space becomes available.

13I don't see the cabin I wanted... What happened?

Cabins will fill and disappear in real-time so if something doesn’t show up that you were expecting, it’s because it is already full.

Select a different cabin and move forward. In the months between registration and the start of camp, we will do our best to accommodate requests to lodge with friends. However, please understand that it is in everyone’s best interest if there are only a couple friends together in a cabin, not a large group of friends.

14An activity I wanted isn't showing! What do I do?

Activities will fill and disappear in real-time so if something doesn’t show up that you were expecting, it’s because it is already full.

If your preferred activity is not available, pick something else and move on. If you really want that activity at that specific time, you have the option to select the wait-list for the desired activity. If a space opens up, you will automatically be moved into that activity and the system will send you an email notification of the change. In the months between registration and the start of camp, you may be able to adjust your schedule.

15What if I change my mind about something in my reservation?
After you complete your reservation, you can still make changes. You can go back in to your reservation and edit your activity selections. Anything available will show up and you can choose it. You can also add store money, etc. You can do this right up to the Friday before you come to camp.
16Where do I register for rafting?
Rafting sign-ups are available in April, after initial registration. When it opens, you'll be able to choose a rafting day under the "Options" section of your reservation. We will send an email before sign-up begins, so make sure your contact information is updated in your camp account.

Youth Camps

1What time is Sunday check in?
Sunday check in times are staggered by cabin to reduce the congestion through our small campus. You will receive an email with an assigned time slot between 3:00 and 4:30 p.m.
2What time is Saturday pick-up?
Saturday pick-up times are staggered by cabin to reduce the congestion through our small campus. You will receive an email with an assigned time slot between 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.
3How does the activity waiting list work?
If an activity is already full, you may join the waiting list. The list functions by period, so please select the period(s) you'd like. If a spot in that activity opens, you will automatically be dropped from your assigned activity and placed in your waitlisted activity.
4Can I pick up/drop off my child by boat?
Sure! If you choose to pick up/drop off by boat, please be aware of your assigned time slot. When you arrive at our dock, please hang tight on your boat and one of our staff members will come out to greet you!
5Camp starts tomorrow! Can I change my cabin or activities?
Activities and lodging assignments must be set by Friday before arriving at camp. Changes cannot be made during Sunday check-in. If you'd like to make changes, you may do so before Friday through your camp account or contacting the office.
6What is the camp store?

The camp store offers a selection of t-shirts, hoodies, postcards, hats, water bottles, and toys. Snow cones are also available for purchase during free time. It is completely up to you if you'd like to deposit money in your camper's store account. A typical amount is around $30 per camper.

Funds can be added to your camper's deposit online through your camp account. You can even add money during the week, if your camper is a big spender! Choose if you'd like any remaining funds to be refunded to you or donated to the camper scholarship fund at the end of the week.

7Can I contact my camper?

Yes! Campers love to receive mail while they are at camp. Mail is delivered Monday through Friday at dinner. There are several options.

1. Drop off letters at check-in on Sunday. Make sure your camper's name (first & last!) and cabin number are clearly labeled on the outside.

2. Email your camper. Send plain text emails (no emojis or pictures, please!) to Include your camper's full name and cabin number as the subject line.

3. Send a letter through snail mail. We recommend mailing your letters several days before camp begins to ensure delivery while your child is here!

Address your letters in this format:

Camper Name, Cabin #

Camp Ida-Haven

2595 Eastside Dr. #4330

McCall, Idaho 83638

8What if my camper has medications and/or allergies?

No problem! We have a talented, experienced, and caring medical team on-staff. Please complete your child's medical forms as accurately as possible through your camp account. During the check-in process, each family will have an opportunity to speak directly with a member of our medical staff.

For the safety of all campers, all medications must be given to our medical team. Please leave medications in their original packaging. Then put all medications together in a Ziploc bag with your camper's name and cabin number written clearly on the outside.

9My camper left his _____ at camp...
Oops, that happens. The best policy is to check and make sure you have picked up ALL of your camper's belongings when you pick him/her up from camp. Contact us via phone or email to see if the item has turned up. Any lost and found items are collected and stored for 2 weeks after each camp session. We are happy to mail any items to you at the cost of postage.
10What if my camper gets sick or injured while at camp?

Despite all precautions and safety measures, sometimes campers will sustain an injury or get sick while at camp. If your child is injured, we will contact you immediately and keep you informed of the situation. Often our staff physician is able to take care of an issue at camp. However, if we need to take your child to the clinic or hospital, our insurance company will be the primary coverage up to $5,000. After that, your health insurance will need to pick up any additional fees.

11Do you offer transportation?
12How should I pack for camp?

What To Bring

Please label all important items with your child's full name. This is helpful in case of lost items.

In addition to everyday clothes, tennis shoes, jeans, and a sweatshirt are great attire for the evening program as the day cools and the mosquitoes swarm.

Bible (if you have one)

Everyday clothes

Flip flops/sandals

Dress clothes for church (girls often wear sundresses, boys often wear a button-up shirt)

Warm jacket

Rain gear


Modest swimsuit (no Speedos for boys or exposed midriffs for girls)

Underwear and socks

Bath towel

Beach towel

Soap, shampoo, etc.

Toothbrush and toothpaste


Pillow and sleeping bag

Lip balm


Bug spray

Water bottle

What NOT To Bring

The camp environment is not friendly to costly electronics. Additionally, camp is an opportunity to enjoy a week completely present with friends and the great outdoors. For these reasons, we ask that your camper not bring any electronic equipment with them. Your camper will love to hear from you through the options listed above!

Please do not bring:

Food or candy


Jewelry (dangling earrings and necklaces are extremely hazardous in many camp activities. Stud earrings are the best option for pierced ears!)

Two-piece swimsuits, bikinis, or Speedos for boys

Caffeinated products of any kind

Cell phones and other electronics

Knives, slingshots, guns, or any type of weapon

Tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or illegal substances


13Can I visit camp?
The safety of your children is our #1 priority. For this reason, we maintain a closed campus during the camp season.
14What if I need to pick my camper up early?
Should you desire or need to take your camper from camp early, arrangements must be made in advance with the camp office. Advance notice will enable us to have your camper ready for your arrival.
15What if my child gets homesick?

Our goal is for each camper to have a wonderful time at camp. Homesickness is possible, though it rarely becomes a significant hindrance to a camper's experience. Our policy is to try to work through homesickness by keeping campers involved and busy, while checking in with the camp mom. Usually campers begin to have so much fun that the homesickness fades. If homesickness persists, our office may decide to call you to consult about the course of action you'd like to pursue.

In most circumstances, phoning home to talk with mom or dad does not help and often intensifies the feelings. Your camper's growth toward independence and happiness are of the utmost importance to us, and we always do our best to balance the two.

Please be aware that if you choose to bring your child home because of homesickness, there will not be a refund.


1I need to cancel my child's reservation. Will I get a refund?
Cancellations made before June 1, 2023 may be refunded all but the $50 non-refundable deposit. Any cancellations made after June 1, 2023 will not be eligible for a refund.
2Is financial assistance available?
Funds may be available for those who qualify. If you are in need of assistance to help with your child's reservation fee, please make a reservation, pay the deposit, and then call or email us after April 1st with your request and we will assess the funds available.

You should also check with your local church regarding the availability of funds to help.

3What if I leave camp early?
Once the camp session begins, you are responsible for the full reservation fee. This applies to day-of cancellations, no-shows, and a camper leaving early for any reason.
4Can I be involved in the mission of camp?

Absolutely! The camp mission depends greatly on the support of the many friends of camp. We appreciate the many forms of support and take it personally. We covet your prayers for our campers and staff. If you'd like to get involved financially, there are several ways to do so. Donations can be made online through your camp account, or by contacting our office by email ( or phone (208) 634-5922. All donations are tax deductible.

Camper Scholarship Fund

Through your donations, many children are able to experience camp.

Nathan Castanon Fund

This fund was established in 2002 to honor the memory of Nathan Castanon. He was a camper, staff member, son, friend, and brother. In February 2002, at the age of 19, he died in a car accident. From the funds collected in Nathan's name, we are able to give two scholarships each summer to keep his memory alive.

Capital Improvements

These funds are used for building and ground improvements, as well as new construction.

Summer Camp Program Equipment

These funds are used to purchase supplies needed to facilitate area equipment updates and expansion vital the the summer camp program.