Cabin 1: Jillian

Hey campers! My name is Jillian. This is my third year as a counselor at camp and I can’t wait to have another full summer with you awesome girls. I am a senior speech pathology major at Andrews University. In my free time I love to travel, go to the beach, make smoothies, hang out with my friends, and love on my dogs. I am so excited to see many of you back again and to meet some new friends this summer.

Cabin 6: Lacy

Hi, my name is Lacy! I'm graduating from Gem State Academy this year. This is my first summer at Camp Ida-Haven and I know we are going to have a blast! I love to camp, fish, and play games. I also like to draw and paint and I love all animals. I really enjoy reading, especially while eating my favorite candy -- M&Ms! I'm excited to meet you at camp this summer!

Cabin 7: Ally

Campers assemble!!! Hi there! My name is Ally, and I'm going to be your Cabin 7 counselor this summer! This is my first year as a counselor and I'm so excited to meet all of you and have the time of our lives! I've been a camper once upon a time too and love everything Ida-Haven, so I'm looking forward to helping you guys have experiences you'll never forget so you can fall in love with this place too! I'm a student at Walla Walla University with a major in elementary education and a minor in art. Some things I love: Marvel, Disney, listening to music (especially Harry Styles and Greta Van Fleet), art, reading, the beach, traveling, adventures, the 70's, plants, my puppies Lola and Charlie, and my family and friends. I also enjoy playing volleyball and probably spend too much time watching Friends and I’d say more but it’s really just a Moo point. I'm super stoked to see you all this summer at the place where the fun never ends!!!!

Cabin 8: Katrina

I am the counselor for Cabin 8. I was a camper here at Camp Ida-Haven when I was younger. I just couldn't get enough of camp so I came back and this is my fourth year working here. I am an artist: it was a hobby for me but is now my job when I'm not at camp. I love spending time out in the sun, gardening, riding my horse, swimming, reading, or taking pictures. Each year at camp has brought something new and exciting. I have met so many great staff members and campers over the years and I can't wait to see what this summer has in store. I know we will have a blast together and the fun will be great in Cabin Eight!!

Cabin 9: Anastasia

Hello parents and campers! I'm Anastasia, but you might know me as Annie! Let me just say that I am SO excited for camp 2022!!! This year will be my 5th year working at Camp Ida-Haven. The previous 4 years I have been on challenge course and climbing wall as well as being a sub-counselor. This year I am very happy to be transitioning to Cabin 9!

This year I have been working as a TA at Caldwell Adventist Elementary School, it has been a blast! I love spending my time with the children there. When I am not at work I spend time with my friends who also work at camp and we play card games, board games, and go on many adventures. I enjoy going shopping, decorating, and eating lots of foods. At camp I enjoy singing songs, swimming in the lake, and teaching all the campers about Jesus! I hope to bring laughter, fun, and a Christ like attitudes to all of the campers that are in my cabin as well as the whole camp. I can’t wait to meet each one of you!

Cabin 2: Gabe

Hiiiiii! I'm Gabe, located out of Camas, WA. My three brothers and I have been homeschooled pretty much our whole lives and it's been amazing! I love basically any type of sport, activity, or game, and I'll jump right in and give you a run for your money. My family and I used to do lots of traveling all over the place, but recently we've been going on tons of skiing trips which have been super great. Some of my hobbies include skateboarding, unicycling, juggling, Rubik's Cube, fencing, aikido, playing piano, reading, and doing the next "great" idea that someone comes up with. This will be my first year at Camp Ida-Haven and I'm pumped about it! Looking forward to meeting y'all!

Cabin 3: Ayden

Guess who's back? Hi, my name is Ayden, and I will be your cabin 3 counselor! This is my third summer as a counselor and I am so excited to head back to camp and meet you all! I am a Theology major at Walla Walla University. I love trips to the beach to go surfing, blasting music in my car, and grabbing coffee. I am a little bit of a geek when it comes to Marvel, but I also really enjoy watching and playing basketball, football, and a bit of baseball. Can't wait to see you all this summer!

Cabin 4: Matthew

Hi, I’m Matthew! You might remember me as a boat driver… This will be my 6th summer working at camp, but my first as a counselor. I’m so excited to get to hang out with you in the cabin! I’m a current student at Walla Walla University and will graduate in June with a degree in Religion and Global Development. I’ve spent the last 3 years working at the College Place Fire Department too! Some of my hobbies are backpacking, running, and going places with friends. Looking forward to meeting you in Cabin 4!

Cabin 5: Jonathan (Junior & Teen sessions)

This is JT’s fourth summer at camp. He has spent his previous four summers down on Waterfront as a lifeguard and boat-driver-extraordinaire. This summer he’s changing things up by taking on a new role as Cabin 5 Counselor for Junior and Teen Weeks. We know your camper will have an amazing week with JT!

Cabin 5: Simon (Cub & Between sessions)

This is Simon’s sixth summer at camp. He is well-known for the energy and enthusiasm he brings to everything he does, from Jet-Skiing to song-service, lifeguarding to playing games during Rec. This summer he’s changing things up by taking on a new role as Cabin 5 Counselor for Cub and Between Weeks. We know your camper will have an amazing week with Simon!

Cabin 5: Samuel (Tween & Earliteen sessions)

This is Sam’s third summer at camp. He has spent his previous two summers as the Cabin 2 Counselor, and this year added lifeguard and canoe instructor to his repertoire. Now, he’s changing things up by taking on a new role as Cabin 5 Counselor for Tween and Earliteen Weeks. We know your camper will have an amazing week with Sam!